Royal training


Our trainers have several years of experience in hairdressing and hair treatments. They are also trained and certified as trainers by Royal.

We want to train real experts in hair treatments. Our training goes beyond simply showing how to apply product but also everything surrounding hair, customer service, hair health, work tools, safety related to the profession, hair conditions, how to analyze hair and more!

Royal's mandate is to always stay up to date in the field of hairdressing, to update training manuals regularly and to listen to customers.

We focus as much on the practical part as on the theoretical part to ensure that our students feel ready to receive clients.


    If you are already a hairdressing professional or are already qualified in hair treatments, we offer hair botox and nanoplasty enhancements.

    You will be asked for proof.

    Whether you have already done hair treatments or not, this training is for those who are already hairdressing professionals.


    • In one of our training centers: $350 +tx
    • At your salon: $515 +tx (may have extra charge for transport)
    • By video conference: $350 +tx

    This training is targeted to your specific needs. Whether it is to refine your technique, to better understand the aspects of the treatments or to know everything, this training is for you!

    And yes! Even if you are already a hairdresser, this training can be very beneficial for you because you will learn professional tips, personalized advice and tips for building a good clientele.

  • PRIX


    • Dans l'un de nos centres de formations: 350$ +tx
    • À votre salon: 515$ +tx
    • En vidéo conférence: 350$ +tx


    • Dans l'un de nos centres de formations: 450$ +tx
    • À votre salon: 615$ +tx
    • En vidéo conférence: 450$ +tx

    To register, you must contact us by email at . A document will then be sent to you to sign and a deposit is required to reserve your training.

    Availability depends on yours and those of our trainers.


Royal training allows you to obtain a certificate recognized by insurance companies.

In addition, the certificate provides access to a professional hairdressing distributor Chalut BSG. This gives you access to the purchase of hairdressing tools, resale products and even hairdressing furniture.


  • Training manuals
  • A Royal apron
  • A Royal cape
  • Advertising posters
  • Explanatory leaflets
  • An application kit (bowl, brush, tweezers and comb)


Royal is proud to provide hair botox and nanoplasty training in the majority of hairdressing schools in Quebec.

Our goal is to teach future hair professionals about Royal hair care so they can become treatment pros!