Royal nanoplasty


Hair nanoplasty is one of the most recent methods in terms of straightening and improving the condition of the hair structure.

This revolutionary straightening procedure uses nanotechnology to penetrate deep into the hair fiber, delivering hydration and repair to each strand. The result is a hair straightening treatment that not only tames frizz but leaves hair healthy and nourished.


  • Gives shine
  • Deeply hydrates
  • Makes a moisture barrier
  • Makes hair more supple
  • Strengthens weakened hair
  • Gives flexibility
  • Soften curls
  • Smooth hair
  • Controls frizz
  • Reduces volume


Just like Brazilian straightening, this treatment smoothes the hair by 60 to 100%. You should expect a result that is gentle on the hair, without breakage and leaving softness and a beautiful shine. Hair is healthier while having control over humidity.

Depending on the type of hair, however, you should not expect a completely straight and movement-free result; nanoplasty offers natural straightening which makes it easier to style and gives more malleable hair.

Results may vary from one person to another and from one hair type to another in addition to depending on porosity, curl intensity and of course, hair health.

It is necessary to distinguish between the term SMOOTH and STIFFEN. Nanoplasty does not stiffen the hair, it softens it.


  • Avoid products with keratin, proteins and amino acids
  • Avoid all treatments and restorative products following treatment
  • Ideally salt-free sulfate-free shampoos
  • Avoid drugstore products because they are full of silicone and wax
  • Use only Royal moisturizing products for 3-6 months
  • Repeat as needed or every 3-6 months.
  • FOR WHO?

    This treatment is for everyone who wants to have more control and discipline with their hair. Nanoplasty makes styling easier and softens curls.


    The nanoplasty treatment takes approximately 2 hours to 4 hours to complete.

    1. It is not necessary to wash hair with a clarifying shampoo if there is not too much product buildup.

    2- If you need to wash the hair to remove excess residue, wash it with Royal Clarifying Shampoo and then dry it 100%.

    3- Apply the product to dry hair using a brush 1 cm from the roots.


    4- Paint off the excess and make sure the application is uniform.

    5- Leave to act for 30 to 40 min. with a plastic cap. Do not put under heat.

    6- Rinse the product 100%.

    *No masks, conditioners or treatments should be applied.

    7- Dry the hair with a freehand dryer. Do not use a hairbrush.

    *This is used to analyze curls and frizzier areas to adjust the strokes of the flat iron.

    8- Separate the hair into sections then pass the flat iron strand by strand.

    *- FINE, FRAGILE, BLONDE, DAMAGED HAIR: Temperature: from 150ºC (300ºF) TO 180º (350ºF)

    Number of passes per wick: 30 TO 40 TIMES

    - NORMAL, STRONG, FULL-BODY, NATURAL HAIR: Temperature: from 180ºC (350ºF) TO 230º (450ºF)

    Number of passes per wick: 20 TO 30 TIMES

    The number of passes varies depending on the intensity of the curls, the thickness and strength of the hair.

    *Reduce the temperature of the iron to avoid yellowing the hair or fading the coloring.

    You can also use the iron as little as 15-20 times per strand for a more subtle straightening result while benefiting from other benefits.


    It is essential to NEVER use detangler, hairspray or heat protectant during the procedure. Customers can only after their first wash. Putting a Royal finishing oil is correct.

    You should also avoid tying your hair before the first wash.


    The duration of the treatment can also vary depending on the hair but also depending on the number of washes and the products used. In general, the effects are visible from 3 to 6 months.

    Chlorine, sea salt, hair styling products containing salts and sulfates and which are not suitable can make the effects of nanoplasty go away more quickly.

    For thicker and somewhat frizzy hair, the treatment can be repeated as often as every 2 months. For finer and more fragile hair, this treatment can be repeated every 3 months. But it is always important to do a test strand before repeating the treatment.


    These two treatments are very similar. The main difference would be that hair botox does not straighten the hair, while for nanoplasty this is its primary function.

    Then, Royal hair botox is very intensive in terms of hair repair while nanoplasty is very effective but less intensive.

    Hair botox focuses on hair growth, slowing hair loss and repairing the hair fiber, while nanoplasty aims instead to soften curls and control frizz without having an impact on hair growth. .


    Classic Brazilian straightening does not repair or hydrate the hair, on the contrary, it coats the hair and dries it out in the long run.

    The aim of straightening is to coat the hair to weigh it down and thus reduce the volume and density of the curls and prevent it from swelling in contact with humidity. It facilitates and considerably reduces the time allocated for your daily styling but can damage the hair.

    Nanoplasty smoothes and repairs hair while hydrating it without weighing it down or damaging it.